Romantic Review Guidelines

The Romantic Reviews and photos you add should be to help others looking for a romantic experience and should always be in compliance with the MyAnniversary Terms of Use.  Here are our guidelines for writing Romantic Reviews:

Make it relevant: Please make your Romantic Review relevant to MyAnniversary.  Please leave out anything that is not related to your romantic experience.  If you place irrelevant, inappropriate, or promotional content, that solicits customers, or that spams MyAnniversary businesses or members, your account will be deleted with or without notice.

Make it clean: However you describe your romantic experience, keep it clean.  Romantic Reviews containing foul, abusive or hateful language, SMS-lingo, threats, and/or lewdness will be deleted whenever we see it.  This also includes, but is not limited to; personal attacks against an individual, derogatory comments about race, gender, or religion, or any indication of a personal vendetta against a business and/or its associates. No objectionable images.

Make it fresh: Each Romantic Review should reflect your most recent experience; that's what is going to help people when they're trying to decide whether or not to try that business or service.  To see how often you can submit a Romantic Review for a given business or service, view the FAQ below titled "How often can I write Romantic Reviews?"

Make it real: Your Romantic Review should be based on facts and your personal experiences. Please do not exaggerate or falsify your experience. We do not arbitrate in cases of dispute, so make sure you can stand by your words.  If your Romantic Review indicates you have not personally experienced the business or service, it will not be posted or will be removed. Deceptive, fake, or misleading Romantic Reviews will be removed.

Make it yours: Your Romantic Review should contain your original thoughts and materials and should not include anyone else’s reviews or photos, or even a re-posting of your own prior Romantic Review, either in part or in full.  It should also not contain any information that you do not have permission to use, including but not limited to: copyrighted material from any online or printed publication (news agencies, magazines, books, travel guides, television or radio programme transcripts), trademarks, passwords, subscription/members-only discount codes, confidential information, or the intellectual property of any other individual or business.

Tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth: Please provide full disclosure in your Romantic Review if you receive anything free or at a discounted rate not available to the general public.  Honesty is the best policy, and other MyAnniversary users will respect you for it. 

Make your profile you: Your profile is your identity on MyAnniversary. You're welcome to use a screen name, put up a profile photo and write a bio, but make them appropriate. Stay clean or we will remove your account depending on how inappropriate your profile is.

Be honest: Do not identify or promote yourself as having any official connection to MyAnniversary.  Do not solicit compensation or freebies in exchange for promotion on MyAnniversary.  We reserve the right to delete your MyAnniversary profile at any time for any reason, including dishonesty.

Our role in all this: MyAnniversary is a website and mobile application that provides a platform for people to share their romantic experiences so that others can plan their own romantic activities.  We are not a court of law nor do we arbitrate disputes.  If you have a problem with any business or service you should take it up with them directly.  MyAnniversary reserves the right to remove any review or management response at any time for any reason.  The opinions expressed in Romantic Reviews are individual, highly subjective and are the opinions of MyAnniversary members and not of MyAnniversary. MyAnniversary does not endorse any of the opinions expressed by reviewers or in management responses.  MyAnniversary is not affiliated with any establishment listed or reviewed on this web site.  In accordance with our Privacy Policy, MyAnniversary does not release anyone's personal contact information.