Special Offers Checklist

Romantic Special Offers Checklist

Before you post your Romantic Special Offer, have you done the following?:

Make it easy to buy

When possible, link potential buyers directly from your Romantic Special Offer to the page on your website where they can easily redeem the Romantic Special Offer. Be clear about eligibility List any restrictions or blackout dates in the Romantic Special Offer so buyers know if they are eligible for the offer.

Explain how to redeem

In your description, explain exactly how the buyer is to redeem your Romantic Special Offer. Make it simple and easy; complex procedures discourage people from taking advantage of Romantic Special Offers. Educate your staff about your Romantic Special Offers Nothing is more frustrating for a buyer and gets them off to a bad start with your business than a staff member or representative of your business who does not know about the Romantic Special Offer.

Track each Romantic Special Offer with a unique promotion code

Use a unique promotion code for your Romantic Special Offer to track how successful it is. Each staff member should be trained to ask for the Romantic Special Offer promotion code when concluding a sale with a MyAnniversary member.

Proofread Proofread and Proofread again

Have at least one other member of your staff review the Romantic Special Offer in detail before you put it up to check for spelling, grammar or any missing details.

Try different types of Romantic Special Offers

Try different Romantic Special Offers at different times of year or on different products or services. Evaluate which ones have the highest conversion rates to help you make better decisions about future offers.