Get More Visibility

Get More Visibility with Romantic Special Offers

Your VIP Partner Listing subscription allows you to display a Romantic Special Offer, which showcases something special that you are offering only to MyAnniversary members and gives them much more information about you and makes it easy for them to respond and contact you. VIP Partner Romantic Special Offers also appear in other places on the MyAnniversary website including banner ad spots at the top of each page.

Adding a Romantic Special Offer to your VIP Partner Listing is a great way to get additional exposure, attract romance seekers to your listing page and convert more browsers into buyers.

Romantic Special Offers have proven to be highly effective in marketing both to advance planners and to last minute decision makers. They are easy to create, and can be changed as frequently as you like or removed at any time. You decide what you are offering and how your Romantic Special Offer can be redeemed; online, by phone, via email or when the romance seeker arrives at your business.

TIP: Many buyers say Romantic Special Offers are an important factor when making their purchase decision. Create a Romantic Special Offer as soon as your VIP Partner Listing page goes live and keep it up to date to ensure you are capturing as much traffic as possible.