Management Response Guidelines

Management Response Guidelines

To be posted to MyAnniversary, your Management Response must meet all of the following guidelines.

  • Make it relevant: Anything that is not directly relevant to the Romantic Review you are responding to is subject to removal. Management Responses may not threaten or coerce a reviewer or attempt to suppress reviewer contributions to MyAnniversary. No accusations of review fraud.
  • Make it clean: However you respond, keep it clean.  Management Responses containing foul, abusive or hateful language, SMS-lingo, threats, and/or lewdness will be deleted whenever we see it.  This also includes, but is not limited to; personal attacks against an individual, derogatory comments about race, gender, or religion, or any indication of a personal vendetta against a MyAnniversary member.  No objectionable images.
  • Make it fresh: Your Management Response should be original and not a cut and paste standard response. How you deal with customer feedback, positive and negative, is what is going to help other romance seekers when they're trying to decide whether or not to try your business or service.  No material from other sources, including correspondence from a guest or other third party. We allow one Management Response for each Romantic Review posted to MyAnniversary so make it count. 
  • Make it yours: Make sure you are authorised by your business to post online reviews to customer feedback. Make sure your response accurately reflects the customer service policies of your business, as many people will read it. 
  • Respectful of Personal Privacy: Do not guess the reviewer's identity or include any information that could identify them.

By following these guidelines, your Management Response will typically be posted within 1 - 3 business days.

MyAnniversary reserves the right to remove any Romantic Review or any Management Response at any time for any reason. The Romantic Reviews and Management Responses posted on MyAnniversary are individual, subjective opinions of MyAnniversary members and VIP Partners and not of MyAnniversary. MyAnniversary does not endorse any of the opinions expressed by MyAnniversary members or in Management Responses to any posted Romantic Review. MyAnniversary has no affiliation with any business or service listed or reviewed on the MyAnniversary website.

Per our privacy policy, MyAnniversary does not release personal contact information for anyone including MyAnniversary members and VIP Partners.