Over the years, as much as we try to plan and organise the best anniversary ever, things always seem to be left to the last minute and then……………… panic.  And what happens? Same old, same old.  And we decided this just was not good enough!  We deserve more than that!  LOVE, ROMANCE AND SPECIAL DATES certainly need more than that.
And so, we started to research and research and well, there was nothing that quite gave us what we wanted – one place which shared everything, under one roof – and that is how
MyAnniversary was born.

We all realised that the world has become so reliant on technology that we could give everyone celebrating their LOVE – a place that helped not only with gifts, but ROMANCE in total.  And then, why not take it one step further and allow an interactive site, where people could review their experiences and spread the word amongst friends and family.  This would allow our suppliers to continuously improve their efforts in offering you, the romance seeker, the best service for your hard earned, well spent money.  We also agreed that the suppliers need to respond to your reviews, thus really allowing interaction amongst all our participants.  We are therefore an advisory service which has identified the best romantic ideas/gifts/places in South Africa and are putting you in touch directly by hooking you up geographically with the closest suppliers to your area.

MyAnniversary is a trip down lover’s lane, it’s an opportunity to WOW your loved one by doing something completely different, year after year without having to do too much thinking – we’ve done that for you.
And what’s more, we’ve approached all our suppliers to do a “little something extra special” for anyone celebrating their anniversary, something unique to
MyAnniversary visitors.  You would have to visit our site to know about these secret specials but once you make your choice, you simply advise at time of purchase/booking that you are a MyAnniversary member and away you go – our suppliers will honour their special, be it a discount or a romantic gift.

Let us help you put the romance back into your anniversary by visiting MyAnniversary.