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Member Romantic Reviews

What is a Romantic Review?

What are the Romantic Review Guidelines?

How old must I be to post a Romantic Review?

What if the business or service I wish to review is not already on MyAnniversary?

What do we mean by a first-hand Romantic Review?

How do I write a Romantic Review?

When should I write my Romanctic Review?

How often can I write Romantic Reviews?

How do I remove my Romantic Review?

What if I submit my Romantic Review for the wrong business or service?

Can I edit my Romantic Review?

Will my Romantic Review ever be used other than on MyAnniversary?

When will my Romantic Review be published?

Can a business contact me directly about a review I write?

Can I be paid or otherwise incentivised to write Romantic Reviews?

Business and Service Listings

What is a business or service listing?

Why should I list my business on MyAnniversary?

How can I manage my business listing on MyAnniversary?

What is a Free Basic Listing?

What is a VIP Partner listing?

How much will a VIP Partner Listing cost?

How can I add contact information for my business to my MyAnniversary listing?

How do I request that a business or service be added to MyAnniversary?

How do I remove my listing?

Who can request a listing?

What kinds of businesses can be listed on MyAnniversary?

How do I report a major renovation of my business?

How do I add one or more photos to my listing?

Management Response to Romantic Reviews

What is a Management Response?

How do I respond to a review on my VIP Partner listing?

How will I know if I have received a new review?

Can I ask my guests to write reviews?

Can I report a Romantic Review of my business that violates your guidelines?

Can I ask a MyAnniversary member to remove a review they have written about my business?

What if a customer blackmails me by threatening a bad review?

Why wasn't the review I reported removed?


What if I believe someone wrote a fraudulent Romantic Review about my business?

Does MyAnniversary screen Romantic Reviews?

How do I report an inappropriate Romantic Review?

What should I do if a business owner asks me directly to remove a Romantic Review?

Can I be offered an incentive to write a Romantic Review?

Does MyAnniversary allow organised boosting of a business?