About Us

Welcome and thank you for joining us.  First of all – who are we?  We are four ordinary Joe Soaps who have all been very happily married for many years and together realised the need for a united website to honour and celebrate one of the happiest times of year – our anniversaries!
Now you can relax, we have you covered!  We have travel experts who have been to many places in and around South Africa.  We also have a strong development and admin team who have years of experience in marketing and operations, both on and off line.

We also have a small team of dedicated restaurant ‘users’.  They know the most romantic restaurants to visit for that special occasion.

And then we have the gifts!  We spend a lot of time researching and seeking out special, whimsical, traditional, modern, classic gifts in various price ranges.

Feel like doing something different this year? We have spent long hours checking and re-checking to find interesting activities to do – so put your planning hat on and start browsing MyAnniversary. Find that amazing anniversary activity that you and your spouse or partner will be talking about for years to come.